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Storytime Flannel Board Story – The Little Red House

on September 11, 2008

The Little Red House


10 pieces of Flannel, each sheet a different color.

1 picture of a small animal (a mouse or teddy bear)

– Cute each flannel sheet into the shape of a house. Make each color a half inch smaller in size.

Start with all houses stacked on top of each other on the board, biggest on top. Peel them off one by one, as if you are opening a present. You’re colors may vary from the ones in this story.

Once there was a little red house.

and inside the little red house was a little orange house.

Inside the little orange house was a little purple house.

Inside the little purple house was a little yellow house.

Inside the little yellow house was a little green house.

Inside the little green house was a little beige house.

Inside the little beige house was a little pink house.

Inside the little pink house was a little white house.

Inside the little white house was a little baby mouse.

***I make no claims to have designed this flannel board story. This came to me in a pre-packed storytime kit for an organization I volunteer with.

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