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Valentine’s Day story time craft

on February 13, 2009

I’m doing a very, very simple storytime craft tomorrow morning, but I think it will be really successful with the age group that I get Friday mornings. I printed a couple of cute images on a Word document, landscape style. Each page will be folded in half and becomes a Valentine’s Day card! So easy, so cheap! I have some stickers, markers and crayons for the kids to use to decorate.

Other than that, and reading a few Valentine’s Day books, there isn’t much else I’m doing for the storytime. My branch is having a Mini Festival of Books on Saturday. I’m very excited for that! We have Jose Luis Orozco performing, we have crafts, readings and each child under the age of 6 gets a free book! The funny part is that all this happens in 2.5 short hours (for the public at least). We are expecting about 600 people, so the library will be packed!

The teens librarian is also hosting an Anti-Valentine’s Day party tomorrow, complete with trivia contest and movie showing.

I have my knitting class on Saturday. I’m not sure what my audience will be since its Valentine’s Day and a holiday weekend. I want to introduce the idea of charity knitting to my class, and see if we can something started. I’ll have to do some more planning for that this upcoming month.

Busy days at the library, but I’m not complaining. I like to be kept busy. =)

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