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Wake-Up Kisses by Pamela Duncan Edwards & Henry Cole

on June 25, 2011
Wake-Up Kisses by Pamela Duncan Edwards & Henry Cole
Harper Collins, 2002
ISBN 0066239761
book jacketKatydids, owls, opossums, and other nocturnal animal mothers and babies wake up to a bright moon and a night to be filled with activities. (

This book is a great snapshot of nocturnal animals coming to life, bestowing kisses to their parents, and exploring different nighttime activities. This book is great for a baby or toddler storytime because of the short sentences and easy rhymes on each page. The pictures are mostly dark colors, reflecting the night setting, and all the animals are wonderfully depicted in realistic versions. This book would great for a forest theme, nighttime theme, or slumber party theme. It also leads the way to discuss different animals (wild animals versus house pets). I would read this in conjunction with Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.

Owl babies
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