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Benny & Penny in Just Pretend (Geoffrey Hayes)

on July 15, 2011
Benny & Penny in Just Pretend by Geoffrey Hayes
Toon Books, 2008
ISBN 9780979923807
31 pages

Benny wants to be a brave pirate, but it’s hard to pretend when his pesky little sister, Penny, is always tagging along. He tries to lose her, but when he does, he starts to feel a little lost himself.

Illustrated in the comic-book style, this sweet little story tells the age-old tale of an older brother and tag-along little sister forced to play together on a warm, sunny day. A perfect book for 1st graders, the text is easy, and the illustrations tell as much of the story as the words. Benny and Penny make an adorable mouse family, chubby cheeked and full of spunk and imagination.

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