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One Guinea Pig is Not Enough (Kate Duke) – Review

on August 8, 2011
One guinea pig is not enoughOne Guinea Pig Is Not Enough
by Kate Duke
Dutton Children’s Books, 1998
ISBN: 0525459789
43 pages
Age: Pre K – K
One guinea pig is a lonely guinea pig. Add another lonely guinea pig and you have two smiling guinea pigs, add a third and fourth guinea pig, and you have a party!

I adore this book. The illustrations are colorful and animated. I love that the guinea pigs have expressions when they are sad, lonely, happy and active. This book doubles as a counting book and a math book. The number are bold and large on each page, and on the bottom corner are the math formulas so that kids can add along with the book. The sentences are short and the illustrations tell much of the story.

Parents can add to the math by working on subtractions (going from 10 to 1). They can count other animals, bugs and figures on the pages,


One Guinea Pig is Not Enough
Author’s Website
Find this book at your local library

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