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The Great Snake Escape (Molly Coxe) – Review

on August 21, 2011
The great snake escape
The Great Snake Escape by Molly Coxe
Age: Beginning Reader (K-3) Level 2
Harper Collins, 1994
ISBN: 0060228695
48 pages
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One day, Moxie and Maribel find a piece of a newspaper that reads “SNAKE ESCAPES FROM PARK ZOO” but the rest of the story is missing! With a fear that the snake eats geese and frogs, Moxie and Maribel try to find a newspaper that has more information about the runaway snake.

Moxie and Maribel are two best friends, that would do anything for each other. With a can-do and curious attitude, these two stumble into many adventures together. This book would be great for first grade readers. The book also covers basic concepts such as: tall, small, dangerous, safe, friendship, and helping others. The text is simple, with illustrations to guide the reader along with the storyline. The longest words are “newspaper” “morning” and “goodness.” There are also a number of heavy themes in this book that leave it open for discussion. How much can you assume about a person/thing when you only know a snippet of information? Is it always best to be afraid of what you don’t know, or should you try to find out more information and be better informed?

About the author

Molly Coxe is the illustrator of Ducks, Ducks, Ducks by Carolyn Otto. She has also written and illustrated Luella and the Yellow Balloon and Whose Footprints?

Miss Coxe lives on a farm in Norwalk, Iowa, with her husband, two young children, two dogs, six cats, a flock of chickens and two nanny goats.

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