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Jam and Honey (Melita Morales) – Review

on August 22, 2011

Jam & honey

Jam and Honey by Melita Morales; Illustrations by Laura J. Bryant
Age: Preschool (4-5 years old)
Tricycle Press, 2011
ISBN: 9781582463902

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One day, a little girl goes to a park to pick some berries to make homemade jam. That same day, a little bee goes to the same park to pick some nectar from homemade honey.

The story is told through a series of rhymes and illustrations as the girl and the bee go on their adventure. The story is wonderfully simple, but tells so much about how we interact with nature and insects. This book would be a great read-along to others about parks, berries, bees, and mother-daughter outings. A fun project/activity to tie into the story would be to make some jam after reading this book, or learn about how bees make honey from the a from flowers.

I also love the rhyme scheme of the story. This is a great picture book that young children can read on their own, and would also be fantastic for a baby/preschool storytime session. These two verses are repeated throughout the book, reinforcing the reason for the outings.


When I come home,

We’ll make a treat,

Sweet jam on toast

for me to eat.


We’ll make honey

when I come home,

sweet honey to fill

our honeycomb.


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