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Daniel’s Mystery Egg (Alma Flor Ada) – Review

on August 24, 2011

Daniel's mystery egg

Daniel’s Mystery Egg by Alma Flor Ada, illustrated by G. Brian Karas
Age: Beginning Reader (K-3)
Harcourt Inc. 2000
ISBN 0152162313

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On his way to school one day, Daniel finds a mysterious egg sitting under a bush. As he walks to show, he shows his friends his and they all make guesses as to what is inside. Is it a crocodile, or an ostrich? The kids will have to wait to find out!

The story is sweet and the text is simple for beginning readers. Daniel is a curious little boy who finds a lone egg on a walk one day. Tucking the egg safely into a box with soft bedding, Daniel waits patiently, along with his friends, for the egg to hatch and for the mysterious creature to arrive. The guesses that the children make are inventive. The illustrations help guide the reader through the story, and are done in a beautiful pastel watercolor.

Daniel found a surprise. It was a small egg. He put it in a little box.
Daniel ran to tell Alex. “Look! This is the best egg ever! What could it be?”

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