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The Librarian from the Black Lagoon (Mike Thaler) – Review

on August 30, 2011

The librarian from the black lagoon

The Librarian From the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler, illustrated by Jared Lee
Age: Easy Reader (1st-3rd grade)
Scholastic, 1997
ISBN: 0613034600

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While getting ready for the first class visit to the library, an imaginative and energetic young boy predicts a world of terror at the hands of the librarian. Does she really laminate the kids that talk in the library, and bolt all the books to the shelves?

This book is incredibly cute and makes for a perfect back-to-school selection. The rumors of the evil school librarian are hilarious. There are cartoonish illustrations on each page matching the text of the story. The writing is simple, and well paced, ideal for first and second grade readers. My only complaint is that more than 3/4th of the book depict the library as a house of horrors, and only a small segment highlights the niceties of a friendly school librarian with oodles of books to share. I think kids will respond well to the fears of going to a new place, and librarians will respond well to the overdue and dewey decimal jokes scattered throughout the book. Hey, I wouldn’t mind having a pair of shoes with stamps on the heels that press OVERDUE everywhere I walk. I think that’s one awesome fashion accessory. This book is just one of a series by Thaler. You can also look for:

  • The Teacher from the Black Lagoon
  • The Principal from the Black Lagoon
  • The Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon
  • The School Nurse from the Black Lagoon

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