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The ABC's of being a children's Librarian

Friday Baby Storytime 9/09/2011

on September 9, 2011
This weekly meme is an attempt to improve my reader’s advisory skills as well as highlight the great literature out there for kids, and their uses for library story times.
Less people today, which is a good thing. The kids were a little fussy today, but nothing really distracting. I’m starting to get bored with my routine though. I’m just not sure what to change, or how much to change. The kids know the songs, and love to sing and act out all the actions. 
This was today’s routine:
ABC Song
Clap, roll, rub hands (slow then quickly)
Open/Shut Them
If You’d Like to Read A Book – Clap Your Hands
Book 1: Baby Shoes by Dashka Slater
Baby shoes
A very fun and entertaining book. The parents all caught on to the refrain of:
Baby says “Uh oh”
Mama says “Oh No!”
And the kids loved seeing all the trouble and messes the baby got into with his shoes.
One, Two
This is big, big, big (2x)
Hickory Dickory Dock (2x)
Roly Poly (2x)
If You’d Like to Read a Book – Clap Your Hands
Book 2: Blue Goose by Nancy Tafuri
Blue Goose
Another great baby book. This book went perfectly with my Color theme today, discussing mixing colors, primary and secondary colors.
Head, Shoulders, knees and toes
Ten Little Peas in a Pea Pod Pressed
Little Bird
Itsy Bitsy Spider
If You’d Like to Read a Book – Clap Your Hands
Book 3: Lemons Are Not Red by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Lemons are not red
I read this one before when I did a fruit/veggies theme. It has so many applications. I love the picture books with cut-outs and flaps. They make the book more interactive for the kids.
Closing Song
Jack & Jill
Fee, Fi Fo, Fum
If you’re happy and you know it

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