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Spork (Kyo Maclear) – Review

on September 12, 2011


Spork by Kyo Maclear Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault
Age: Todder/Preschool-Kindergarten (Picture Book)
Kids Can Press, 2010
ISBN 9781553377368
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Spork is a combination of a spoon and a fork. However, in the world of cutlery, spoons stayed with spoons and forks stayed with forks. No one understand Spork. Feeling left out, he tried to get along with both groups by wearing disguises, but nothing worked. One day, a great big messy thing was attacking the cutlery and no one could stop it…no one that is, except for Spork.

The illustrations are enough to make me love this book, but the writing takes it one step further. Touching on the subject of prejudice, differences, minorities, and understanding, little Spork finds out just where he belongs and that he was perfect all along. (Geez, even my reviews are starting to rhyme now…). This is a great book about individuality, about not looking exactly like your mom or dad, about being OK with who and what you are, and finding your place in the world.

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