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The ABC's of being a children's Librarian

Friday Baby Storytime 9/16/2011

on September 16, 2011
This weekly meme is an attempt to improve my reader’s advisory skills as well as highlight the great literature out there for kids, and their uses for library story times.
80 people today instead of the 95 last week. I’m definitely finding my rhyme and timing. Now that I know what I’m doing with the book and song selections, I feel its time to present all this to the parents/guardians/nanny’s that bring the baby’s to my storytimes. Why did I choose this book? Why do I sing more songs than read books? I need to start vocalizing these choices and explain how parents can implement these elements at home. That’s going to be the tricky part I fear…
This was today’s routine:
ABC Song
Clap, roll, rub hands (slow then quickly)
Open/Shut Them
If You’d Like to Read A Book – Clap Your Hands
Book 1: That’s What Friend’s Do by Kathryn Cave
That's what friends do
A wonderfully cute and colorful story about two friends staying with each other through the scary, the sad and the happy moments in life.
One, Two
Little Bird
This is big, big, big (2x)
Hickory Dickory Dock (2x)
If You’d Like to Read a Book – Clap Your Hands
Book 2: Jam and Honey by Melita Morales
Jam & honey
Although I love the sing-song refrain of both the girl and the bee, this book was a little too wordy for the baby storytime today. It’s probably best read on a one-on-one basis. The illustrations are beautiful though.
Head, Shoulders, knees and toes
Ten Little Peas in a Pea Pod Pressed
Itsy Bitsy Spider
If You’d Like to Read a Book – Clap Your Hands

Book 3: A Splendid Friend, Indeed Suzanne Bloom

A splendid friend, indeed
A very cute story about a goose trying hard to imitate his best friend the polar bear, except that Goose is being quite annoying in his attempts! I love this book, and it was a perfect ending book for the storytime today. The illustrations are wonderful, the actual text is very limited so there is lots of room for readers to improvise with new lines and thoughts. 
Closing Song
Jack & Jill
Fee, Fi Fo, Fum
If you’re happy and you know it

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