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RIck is Sick (David McPhail) – Review

on September 22, 2011
Rick is sick 
Rick is Sick by David McPhail
Age: kindergarten (Beginning Reader)
Green Light Readers (Harcourt), 2003
ISBN: 0152050914

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Rick is sick, but his friend Jack wants to play. Can Jack cure Rick so that they can spend the day together?

I found this book to be an adorable message about friendship. The illustrations are tiny, circled images in the center of the page. The illustrations are detailed enough to exactly match the wording on the opposite page. Every other page has text, and the text is no more than 2 lines long with 6-10 words max.

This is Jack
Jack wants to play.
Rick cannot play.
Rick is sick.

 This book is a Level One book from Green Light Readers. This book also includes a number of activities at the end of the book. You can make a friendship award, and answer critical thinking and reading comprehension questions about the book. I really like the idea of reading comprehension questions at the back of the book. It’s a great way to reiterate the story and its overall message. This book is particularly great for kindergarten as this is the time when most kids start forming frienships that will see them through the rest of elementary school and hopefully beyond.

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