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Friday Baby Storytime 11/18/2011

on November 18, 2011
This weekly meme is an attempt to improve my reader’s advisory skills as well as highlight the great literature out there for kids, and their uses for library story times.
 I’m getting used to the large crowds in the room, but my voice didn’t want to cooperate today. It was wavering a lot. It was made even more noticeable due to the fact that most of the parents were new this week and didn’t know any of the rhymes I sang. C’est la vie. Storytime went well. Its amazing seeing so many of the kids participate in the hand movements and sing along, quite proudly at that. I got a lot of compliments today too from the parents. I won’t lie, it boosts my ego knowing I do a great job each Friday. Even when I feel like I did poorly, the kids and parents really enjoy the half hour they spend at the library.
This was today’s routine:
ABC Song
Clap, roll, rub hands (slow then quickly)
Open/Shut Them
If You’d Like to Read A Book – Clap Your Hands
Book 1: How About A Kiss For Me by Todd Tarpley
How about a kiss for me?
A really fun book, particularly for dads. It’s about a little boy being offered kisses to everything from dirty pigs, to mops and toes. Ending with a very sweet ending of the father tucking in his son to bed with a kiss goodnight. The pacing is quick, the rhymes are fun and the illustrations are adorable.
Hickory Dickory Dock
One, Two
Roly Poly (2x)
Itsy Bitsy Spider (2x)
If You’d Like to Read a Book – Clap Your Hands
Book 2: Itsy-Bitsy Babies by Margaret Wild
Itsy-bitsy babies
I love the coloring in the book. The background pages are bright solid colors, depicting little babies doing what they do best, playing, bathing, sleeping and cuddling. It’s a book in rhyme, which always goes over well at my storytimes. Its fun to read, and fun to show off. The babies are multicultural, all around the same age, and all inquisitive.
Ten Little Peas in a Pea Pod Pressed
Head, Shoulders, knees and toes
Little Bird
This is big, big, big (2x)
If You’d Like to Read a Book – Clap Your Hands

Book 3: Hush Little Horsie by Jane Yolen

Hush, little horsie

A retelling of the lullaby Hush, Little Baby with the mother horse looking after her baby horse. The illustrations are amazing in this book, the verses are short and perfect for a baby storytime. I’m tempted to buy a copy of this book for my 2-old cousin who is obsessed with horses right now.
Closing Song
Jack & Jill
Fee, Fi Fo, Fum
If you’re happy and you know it

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