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Whose Hat Is It (Valeri Gorbachev) – Review

on November 23, 2011
Whose hat is it? 
Whose Hat is It by Valeri Gorbachev
Age: 3-5
Harper Collins, 2004
29 pages

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One day, Turtle finds a hat floating in the wind. He goes from animals to animal to find out who the owner is.

This is a cute story filled with colorful illustrations of various animals: mice, elephants, rabbits and beavers. The images are dark, corresponding well with the windy and overcast day in the woods. While the background and landscape are mostly in greens and blues, the animals and their clothes are in the primary colors.

The story is easy to follow, with large font and one line of 4-5 words per page. This is an excellent book for beginning readers, particularly for a kindergartener. The storyline is simple to follow and also teaches a valuable lesson of what to do when you find a lost object. It also teaches manners in the basic form of “thank you” and “your welcome.”

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