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Little Blue and Little Yellow (Leo Lionni) – Review

on November 27, 2011
Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni
Age: 3-5
Alfred A Knopf, 1959
38 pages

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This wonderful concept book is a great away to introduce primary and secondary colors to young children. Little Blue is a dot that lives with his parents. Across the street live his best friend Little Yellow with his parents. One day, Little Blue and Little Yellow go out to play, and end up turning green from hugging. When they come back home, their parents don’t believe that Little Green is their child!

Leo Lionni is already a picture book legend among parents, librarians and children. With books like Swimmy and Frederick, Lionni has guaranteed a place for himself among children’s literature. This book does not disappoint. Little Blue and Little Yellow are adventurous, typical kids who play, and sometimes disobey their parents. The imagery is pretty sparse throughout the book, highlighting the change in Little Blue and Little Yellow. The colors and shapes are in various blobs. Small blobs for kids, taller blobs for the adults. In a way, this book reminded me of Press Here by Herve Tullet, but the two books are drastically different in regards to story and child interaction. It’s a unique way to discuss colors and shapes, as well as listening to your parents, and not judging a person based on their outward appearance, but on who they are on the inside.

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