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The Terrible Plop (Ursula Dubosarsky)

on November 28, 2011
The terrible plop
The Terrible Plop by Ursula Dubosarsky, pictures by Andrew Joyner
Age: 3-5
Penguin Books, 2009
31 pages

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One day when six little bunnies are eating chocolate cake, they hear a noise they can only define as the Terrible Plop. Running away in fear, they scare the rest of the animals in the woods until the brave, brown bear takes one little bunny to go back and investigate the noise.

This book would be one of my first picks for storytime, baby and toddler. The illustrations are bright and colorful, illustrating the different emotions of the animals, particularly the bear. This story in rhyme is about overcoming fear, and the danger of how quickly fear can spread through a crowd.

I love the poetry of the lines, they have a very easy flow, but are not repetitive.

Page 1:

Six little rabbits
Down by the lake
Munching on carrots
And chocolate cake.

Further along the story, take note of the rushed sense of urgency with so few words:

Soon all the animals,
One by one,
Out of the forest
They come at a run.
They do not stay.
They do not stop.
They run run run
From the Terrible Plop.

This book will work well for a number of storytime themes: rabbits, bears, apples, fear, and forest animals. The writing is fun to read for both adults and kids as are the illustrations to view.

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