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Hi! Fly Guy (Tedd Arnold)

on November 29, 2011
Hi! Fly Guy
Hi! Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold
Age: 5-6
Scholastic Books, 2005
30 pages

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Buzz needs to find a pet for the pet contest. When out searching, he traps a fly and is determined to prove that the fly is his pet.

Tedd Arnold is very talented at taking a simple story and making it approachable for young readers. At only 30 pages, the story is broken into 3 chapters. There is print one each page, but the illustrations take up much of the space. The book is simple enough for first graders to read it and feel a big accomplishment at having finished three entire chapters. Some of the lines are repetitive, helping the child learn the vocabulary and keep track of the storyline.


A boy went walking 
He was looking for
something to catch —
something smart,
something for
The Amazing Pet Show

Further along in the book:

“Flies can’t be pets!” said
Dad. “They are pests!”
He got the fly swatter.
The fly cried — BUZZ!

The Fly Guy series is incredibly popular at the library, particularly with young boys. It’s a great way to get creative the concept of pets, to make new friends, and to have faith in yourself and your ideas.

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