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The Pizza That We Made (Joan Holub)

on December 1, 2011

The pizza that we made

The Pizza That We Made by Joan Holub
Illustrated by Lynne Cravath
Age: Beginning Reader (Ages 5 -8, grades K-2)
Viking, 2001
30 pages
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Three young cooks get together to make a pizza from scratch.

This was a really cute book. What I liked is that the illustrations added more context and story without the use of any additional vocabulary. The ingredients and steps for creating a pizza are all set out in proper order and are followed step by step. The kids do all the work except for chopping the ingredients, putting the pizza in the oven and removing the pizza from the oven. Those jobs are left to the grown-ups.

This is a book in rhyme, and is as fun to read as it is to view. The illustrations help define the vocabulary and actions described. What I love about the text is that is clear how involved and excited the kids are to be making a pizza.

Making the pizza dough:

These are our hands

That mash and fold

These are our fingers

that push and mold

Cleaning up afterwards

This is the mess

That we clean away.

We wipe. We sweep.

We’re done. Hooray!

The book also includes a recipe for making pizza, making this not only a fun read, but something that can be applied for the day’s lunch or dinner as well.

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