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Kate Larking, the Bone Expert (Lindsey Tate)

on December 2, 2011

Kate Larkin, the bone expert

Kate Larkin, The Bone Expert by Lindsey Tate

Illustrated by Diane Palmisciano

Age: Early Reader (3rd grade)

Henry Holt & Co., 2008

71 pages

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One summer, Kate Larkin has a bad fall and breaks her arm. From that experience, she soon discovers more information than she thought possible about bones.

Although I’ve never broken a bone, I loved the progression of the story of Kate’s experience from falling down, to going to the hospital, and through the recovery period. This book is told as a story by Kate, and it is written well as a child’s voice. Kate is proud of her broken arm, although there are many moments where it hurts when she uses it. She goes into detail about bones (we have 206 fo them), that the bone she broke is not funny (the humorous), and she even lists all the things she can and cannot do with her broken arm.

This book would be perfect for any kid who has broken a body part for the first time. I think Kate’s enthusiasm is infectious, as is her curiosity at the medical technology used at the hospital to treat her arm. A special treat at the end includes a few at home science experiments kids can attempt to see the value of a calcium-rich diet, as well as making rose-petal perfume and mud pies. The book ends with a glossary of the medical terminology Kate used throughout the book. The book is divided into 10 chapters, and each chapter is about 6 pages long, with each chapter discussing a new phase of Kate’s broken arm.

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