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Up and Down with Kate (Kay Chorao)

on December 6, 2011
Up and down with Kate
Up and Down with Kate by Kay Chorao.
Age: Beginning Reader,( 6-8 years, 1-2nd grade)
Dutton Children’s Books, 2002
48 pages
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In four easy and fun to read chapters, we get to the experience the ups and downs of life with Kate, the playful little elephant. This is the cover synopsis:

Kate tries to be good. But sometimes she’s bad. She just can’t help it. It is so hard to be the littlest. 

Kate plays on the beach, gets a special present from her grandmother, and becomes a wonderful artist. The text is easy to read with about 16 words per page. Each chapter is a different story and features a new emotion that Kate is feeling. She goes through a range of emotions from guilt, to anger, to glee, and everything in between. Kate is very much like the children I see in the library, and her representation of this age group is on key. Kids reading this book will be able to think of similar situations that they have been in, which is great for discussions about behavior, and different teachable moments.

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