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Damian Drooth SuperSleuth: Under Cover (Barbara Mitchelhill)

on December 14, 2011

Under cover

Damian Drooth Supersleuth: Under Cover by Barbara Mitchelhill

Age: Easy Reader (2nd grade)

Genre: Mystery

Stone Arch Books, 2011

9781434216380 / 67 pages

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Damian Drooth is forced to spend his spring break vacation at the Green Park Vacation Village because his mom is filling in for the sick chef of the camp. Although upset about going, Damian is cheered up when a mystery of the stolen bike lands in his lap. He does his best to solve the crime, even though he creates a mess along the way.

This book is a step up from Nate The Great, and a step below the Encyclopedia Brown books. The sentences are short and direct. There isn’t much time or script devoted to description. Some of the story is jumpy, and that makes it feel rushed. The illustrations by Tony Ross are fun, and are scattered throughout the book. The book is broken into 9 short chapters of about 5-6 pages.

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