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Rollo & Tweedy and the Ghost at Dougal Castle (Laura Jean Allen)

on January 24, 2012

Rollo and Tweedy and the Ghost at Dougal Castle by Laura Jean Allen

Age: Beginning reader (1-3rd grade)

Harper Collins, 1992

ISBN: 9780060201067 / 64 pages

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American mouse detectives Rollo and Tweedy are sent to Lord Dougal’s estate in Scotland to solve the mystery of a ghost that is haunting the castle and scaring the residents.

This book is wonderfully cute and quirky. The illustrations are done by the author and they reveal a few unsaid elements in the book. For instance, the author doesn’t state that Rollo and Tweedy are in Scotland, but you can tell because Mr. Dougal is wearing a kilt. The writing also has a nice flow. The font is large for new readers, and there is plenty of dialogue and guessing to keep the reader engaged. There are a few red herrings and twists in the book, which I think young kids will enjoy reading.

That night Rollo and Tweedy

hid and watched for the ghost.

“There is goes!” Cried Rollo.

“Let’ follow it,” said Tweedy.

Rollo and Tweedy are part of a mystery and detective series for beginning readers. The writing is clever and engaging. The illustrations are in warm tones and tend to dominate the page as well as fully illustrate and clarify the text. A lot is said in the subtle changes of expressions in the characters. I think kids can read this book a number of times and find something new to learn from it.

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