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Joe on the Go (Peggy Perry Anderson)

on January 25, 2012

Joe on the go

Joe on the Go by Peggy Perry Anderson

Age: Beginning Reader (1-3rd grade)

Houghton Mifflin, 2007

ISBN: 9780618773312 / 32 pages

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Joe is on the loose looking for someone to play with during a family gathering at the park. Joe tries everything from skateboards to roller skates to bikes. He asks his uncles, aunts and parents to play, but is turned down by each one. Will he find anyone to play with?

This book is definitely better for kids in kindergarten and first grade. The text is simple couplets in small font on each page. The rhymes give the book a fast-paced feel that matches Joe’s emotions and experiences at the family party.

Then he sat down and began to bawl.

“Too fast, too slow, too big, too small.

No one will go with me at all!”

I think young children can relate to Joe, especially when older siblings and cousins refuse to play with them (I know from experience how sucky that can be, being one of the youngest in my set of cousins.) In the end, Joe finds an unlikely partner to play with, and I’m really happy with the ending.  The illustrations are wonderful too. With the text taking up so little room, the pictures are very large and help tell the story, especially in relaying the emotions of Joe and his family. This is a good transition book for children from the larger picture books to smaller books.

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