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Wings on Things (Marc Brown)

on January 27, 2012

Wings on things

Wings on Things by March Brown

Age: Beginning Reader (K-2nd Grade)

Bright and Early Books, 1982

ISBN: 0394851307 / 26 pages

Marc Brown’s Wings on Things is a wonderful beginning reader. It’s a story in rhyme about all the different creatures and objects with wings, and those that never have wings. The book has a wonderful pace to it. Although it doesn’t have a story, it does go over concepts like sizes, speed, location, and colors. It’s a well-rounded book with lots of elements told in a fun way.

Wings flutter and flap
and they make things go.
Some go high ans some go low.
SOme fly fast and some fly slow.
Wings come in twos,
like twins and shoes.

Marc Brown has written a number of children’s books, particularly the Arthur series which is also a hit TV show.

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