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Monkey See, Monkey Do (Marc Gave)

on February 2, 2012

Monkey see, monkey do

Monkey See, Monkey Do by Marc Gave
Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers
Age: Beginning Reader (K-1st grade)
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Scholastic, 1993
ISBN: 0785703624 / 29 pages
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What do monkeys do all day? They act just like me and you.

This book takes us through a day in the life of a monkey and its kid counterpart. This book is really fun and quick to read. It’s perfect for new readers because there are very few words on the page (3-5) and the illustrations are full-page and adequately help clue the reader into the context.

Monkey up a tree.
Monkey on the ground.
Monkeys in a bunch,
monkeying around.

If the book was actually a little bit larger, I would love to use for the my toddler storytimes. Its fun and interactive too. You can give the kids turn to their left, turn to their right, walk fast, walk slow, etc. The illustrations by Jacqueline Rogers are wonderfully done and very complex. The illustrations add many more levels to the story and leave lots of room to branch off into different topics and concepts: how many monkeys in the room, monkeys in water or land, up or down, behind or in front. The simple text and subtly complex illustrations make this a great pick for new readers.

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