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The Chick That Wouldn’t Hatch (Claire Daniel)

on February 3, 2012

The chick that wouldn't hatch

The Chick That Wouldn’t Hatch by Claire Daniel
Illustrations by Lisa Campbell Ernst
Age: Beginning Reader (K-1st)
Publisher: Harcourt & Brace Co., 1999
ISBN: 0152023372 / 14 pages
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5 of the 6 eggs laid by Mother Hen hatched, but the sixth one rolled away, and kept rolling with Mother Hen, Pig, Duck and Horse chasing after it!

Fans of Nancy Tafuri will like this book. It has the same simple text, farm animals and cute storyline that often attract me to Tafuri’s books. The farm animals are bit more cartoonish in this book and I like that Daniels refers to some of the less popular aspects of a farm. The baby egg goes past the pig-pen, past the pond, past the tomato patch, over a ditch and over a sleeping fox.

The pages are mostly illustrated with two lines of text underneath in a large font. It also follows the picture book rule of repetition in lines, helping children read along the text without too much of a challenge. The repetition along with the illustrations will help kids follow along with the story and even be able to guess what’s coming up next.

It rolled over again and again, past the tomato patch.
“Stop that egg!” called Hen and Pig and Duck.

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