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Tea for Me, Tea for You (Laura Rader)

on February 6, 2012

Tea for me, tea for you

Tea for Me, Tea For You by Laura Rader
Age: Picture Book (Preschool – K)
Publisher: Harper Collins, 2003
ISBN: 0060086343 / 30 pages
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One pig goes to a tea room to order tea, but soon it grows and grows into a large party.

Tea and party kind of rhyme, no? I found this book to be absolutely adorable and I want to by a copy for each of cousins/nieces and nephews. One little pig goes for tea, and in this counting book, one by one, other pigs show up for what ends up being a private party. The illustrations are in wonderful warm tones of yellow for the tea room and soft pinks for the pigs. The furniture, windows, doors, everything is given a lot of care and detail. The text is written in cloud bubbles above the corresponding pig, so its written completely in dialogue, except when the pigs look at the menu.

Two for tea. Follow Me.
could you make that …
Now I see there are five for tea! Could you pigs be playing tricks?!!
We didn’t plan this, but comes …

I also love that the pigs are dressed up differently, some in “fancy” wear like top hats and fancy dresses, others are more casual in jeans and t-shirts. This is definitely the picture book for anyone who likes tea, pigs and counting humor.

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