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Shhh! (Valeri Gorbachev)

on February 16, 2012


Shhh! by Valeri Gorbachev
Age: Picture Book (Toddler – Preschool)
Publisher: Philomel Books, 2011
ISBN: 9780399254291
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When his baby bother goes down for a nap, a young boy has to tell the clowns, cowboys, pirates and train conductors to “shhh!”

This is cute book about siblings, manners and playtime etiquette. I think it’s a very sweet way to explain quiet time to young child eager to play with his toys. Valeri Gorbachev also does an amazing job with the illustrations. They are full-page, fully colored illustrations of a young boy going into different lands and worlds to tell the offending party to “shhh!” in different ways.

When my baby bother sleeps,
I am very quiet.
I don’t jump around.
I don’t ride by horse. I don’t even sing.
I walk on my tippy-toes.

I think this book would also work well for storytimes (that seems to be my end-game in reading picture books it seems. I’m always on the hunt for a good book to read to a crowd of kids). It also works well for a one-on-one read because it opens up to discussions about actions, manners, and consideration for those around us. I think it’s really cute how much pride the young boy has in shushing his toys when his brother sleeps. It’s very respectful. He always starts each request for quiet with “please.”

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