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One Brown Bunny (Marion Dane Bauer)

on February 17, 2012

One brown bunny

One Brown Bunny by Marion Dane Bauer
Illustrated by Ivan Bates
Age: Picture Book (Toddler – Kindergarten)
Publisher: Orchard Books, 2009
ISBN: 9780439680103
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One brown bunny hops around from different groups of animals trying to find a playmate in this 1 to 10 counting book.

I think I will forever search for books illustrated by Ivan Bates. The little brown bunny is incredibly adorable and hugable, especially when he’s hopping and flopping in the air trying to play with the bees and birds.

I recommend this book for toddlers to kindergarten because of the text length and tone. It get more and more wordy with each new set of animals that are introduced. The text itself is very sweet and introspective but it’s also kind of sad, as each group of animals leave the bunny after each attempt at friendship. The illustrations are full-page in bright tones of greens, browns, creams. The book spans an entire day, so you can see the changes in daylight in the background of each page. There is text on one page, and the illustrations sometimes spreads across two full pages, but its more often a different image per page.

Nine pink clouds floated in the sky.
I’d play with you if I could reach that high.”
But the clouds moved on. They didn’t even try.

Although the book has a sad tone, it does have a happy ending, so it’s not that depressing. Although I did want to jump into the book at every page and play with the little brown bunny, or at the very least give the poor guy a hug.

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