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Mice are Nice (Charles Ghigna)

on March 2, 2012
Mice Are Nice (Step-into-Reading, Step 2)
Mice are Nice by Charles Ghigna
Illustrated by Jon Goodell
Format: Beginning reader (grades K-1st)
Publisher: Random House, 1999
ISBN: 0679989293
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Trying to decide what pet to purchase from the pet shop? How about a cute and cuddly mouse? If that’s not enough of a reason, then this book has plenty more to sway your opinion.

The text reads like a radio jingle. It’s very catchy, quirky and fun. Ghigna goes through virtually every other type of pet imaginable, and one by one rules them out as the perfect pet. In comparison to all, mice are nice, and always come out on top.

Parrots chatter.
Kittens Chase.
Puppies like to
lick your face.
Turtles hide inside their shells
and stay…
all day!
But mice are nice!

The illustrations are really cute, filled with warm and dark tones creating a cozy feeling, especially for the pages regarding the mice. The font is incredibly large, with only 8 to 15 words per page. This book is excellent for a new reader and a mouse enthusiast. I think fans of this book will most likely progress to the Humphrey series and maybe even Stuart Little and the Ralph S. Mouse books.

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