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Baby Storytime Recap 3/19/2012

on March 9, 2012

Storytime went really well today. 90 people in the room, but it was well-managed and everyone seemed like they had a really good time. I was particularly pleased with the books I picked for today, as were the kids and parents.Today’s storytime was particularly awesome, but the younger kids are finally able to follow along and replicate the motions of the songs. I heard one grandmother since This is Big, Big, Big before storytime ended and another grandmother told me proudly that they practice all the songs at home. I like that I’m making an impact in the lives of these kids, educationally and emotionally. The whole group is very sweet and responsive to activities. I feel very lucky to have this program in my life. Everyone just needs to spend half an hour once a week with clever, creative and adorable kids for a lifetime of happiness.

The Routine

ABC Song
Clap, Roll, Rub
Open Shut them
If You’d Like to Read a Book – Clap Your Hands

Book 1 My World of Color by Margaret Wise Brown

My world of color

Bright colors and vibrant illustrations go into a wonderful children’s book for storytime. The book itself is large as is the font, so its great for a large crowd. Each color is given a 2 page spread, which makes reading and sharing the book that much easier. The text is simple, and funny and would go perfect with Quick as a Cricket for all its uses of similes to describe the various colors.

Hickory Dickory Dock (one, boo, yipee)
Itsy Bitsy Spider (2x)
Roly Poly (2x)
Wheels on the Bus (wheels, wipers, horn, people)
3 Little Monkeys
If You’d Like to Read a Book – Clap Your Hands

Book 2 A Bear and His Boy by Sean Bryan

A bear and his boy

I found this gem of a book hiding in the library stacks. It follows one rhyme “ack” all the way through the book once a bear named Mack wakes up to find a boy on his back. The boy Zach follows the bear around on his errands. It’s a very sweet book, and is a good reminder to take a breather to stop and smell the lilacs, and not get caught up in a schedule. I think the parents enjoyed this book more than the kids, but hey…I can’t let the parents get bored during storytime either. The book is small, so its better for a small crowd, but the font is large enough for a storytime read.

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes
Count to 10
Ten Little Peas in a Pea Pod Pressed
This is Big, Big, Big
Little Bird
If You’d Like to Read a Book – Clap Your Hands

Book 3 Babies by Ros Asquith


By the time I got to this book, the crowd with fussy the room was stuffy. Both parents and kids chatted while I read this book, but the kids were actually talking about the book and the pictures, so I thought that was pretty cool. It’s a short book about different types of babies. This one was definitely for the parents. There was even a page devoted to cuddles and tickles, so there was a bit of cuddling and tickling going on during the read. Font was large enough for storytime and the pictures were large enough for a medium size crowd. I don’t think anyone towards the back of the room saw anything, but with 90 people, I think all you expect to enjoy are the songs and maybe the words to the book.

Jack & Jill
Fee, Fi, Fo Fum
If You’re Happy and you Know It

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