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Baby Storytimes

on April 20, 2012

I’ve been very negligent in my storytime recaps. Its been so hectic. 3 storytimes with three different groups makes for 3 different sets. I keep all my same songs and rhymes, but its the books that I have to swap for each group and that’s the hardest part!

For my Monday baby storytime, I’ve taken a page out of Storytime Katie’s book and am doing a tribute to the alphabet. We’ve gone through the letters A, B & C, Monday will be D. I gotta say, its hard finding D books that aren’t about ducks or dogs. It is a challenge though. I’ve also set up a display area featuring books of the letter of the week for families to look at after storytime. Since my routine stays the same, I’ll just post the books I’ve read for the storytimes.


The Letters Are Lost

The letters are lost!by Lisa Campbell Ernst.

This book is so much fun to read and I love the illustrations. The book is tall enough to be great for large crowds and the text is simple enough for a baby or toddler storytime.

Apple farmer Annie by Monica Wellington

I like my storytime books to have a bit of a story, or song, or tune to it. This book is a bit dry, and the kids got squirmy while I read it. Afterwards, they LOVED looking through the book and pointing out the different colored apples and items on the pages. Definitely better for one-on-one or small groups.


Ten tiny babiesby Karen Katz

Sadly, I had to miss the B-day, so I didn’t actually read the books to the kids. My co-worker took over for me, and said that both books were well received. I love Karen Katz and I wish her books came in the Big Books size instead of the tiny board books.

Blue Goose by Nancy Tafuri

A wonderful book about primary colors and different birds on a farm.


Kitty's cuddlesby Jane Cabrera

I love Cabrera’s books. The pages are wildly colorful, the text is in large font and short enough to be able to read out of the corner of my eye. I thought this would be a good book since K and C make a similar sound. More talking points for parents and their kids.

Mr. Cookie Bakerby Monica Wellington

A bit dry like Apple Farmer Annie, but I liked the colors (and recipes in the back of the book!). The kids didn’t seem to enjoy it, but the book is fairly small, so no one got to see it very well, and the kids didn’t crowd around to look through the book like they did with Apple Farmer Annie. Its still a good book for a booklist, but not the best for a storytime.

I’ll try to do a more detailed recap on Monday.

For these storytimes, we sing the alphabet song, but put an extra emphasis on the letter of the day. I encourage parents to use words that begin with the letter, or point out objects that begin with the letter for the week to help the kids make the connections. The more they can connect a word to a visual, the easier it’ll be when they come across that word in a written format.

I’ve also printed out the letter of the week to show the crowd before we begin reading and singing. This will help the older kids see the letter and understand its uses in different ways.

I don’t vary my songs by much. It’s usually the apple tree song I’ll alter with different fruits that begin with a particular letter. Otherwise, same songs. Repetition is the key for babies, so no point in altering that or making extra work for me.

The parents are really enjoying the routine and I’m really glad about that. The more active they are with their child’s learning, the better. It also helps reinforce that the storytimes are educational moments and not just free entertainment for a half hour each week.

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