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Baby Storytime – Letter D

on April 23, 2012

Today’s storytime recap is brought to you by the letter D.

Each week I do this theme, I find new ways to improve my routine and book selections. Last week, I printed out a colorful sheet of the letter C. Today, I printed out a sheet for the letter D but I included the capital D and lower case d. Last week during storytime, I had the group say the letter C extra loud, and I plan on doing that again for the letter D.

I’ve also been creating weekly booklists and displays for the letter and improving upon the design of the flyer for that too. Its really a lot of fun and a challenge trying to find unique examples of the letter and noises and sounds you can make.

My songs are still the same, no changes there.

Today’s books

Ten Dogs in the Window by Claire Masurel &

Quack & Count by Keith Baker.

Ten dogs in the window : a countdown book Quack and count

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