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Baby Storytime Recap (5/04/2012)

on May 4, 2012

Today’s storytime went well. It was definitely an older toddler crowd mixed in with some infants. Its just too hard to regulate the ages when the crowd is so large. Overall, storytime went well today, although the kids were super talkative and wiggly.

Today’s Routine:
ABC Song
Clap, Roll, Rub Hands + Stomp Feet
Open, Shut them
If You’d Like to Read a Book – Clap Your Hands

Book 1: I Can Be Anything by Jerry Spinelli

I can be anything!

Will I be a pumpkin grower, or a dandelion blower? A jump-and-clapper or a cheek to cheek grinner? This book is so full of awesome, that I have no words for it. The kids LOVED this book. Its short, with simple text of all the silly things kids do and love to do. I heard lot of kids call out, “I like that! I am that!” Although the book was small, not everyone could see the pictures, the text was really the selling point of the story. I definitely recommend this for any kid that you know. I’d even gift a graduate this book, as a reminder of the blissful days of youth.

Hickory Dickory Dock (one, boo, yippee)
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Roly Poly
Wheels on the bus (wheels, wipers, horn, people)
Head, Shoulder’s Knees and Toes
Count to ten on fingers
10 little peas in a pea pod pressed
This is Big, Big, Big
If You’d Like to Read a Book – Clap Your Hands

Book 2: I Love Planes by Philemon Sturges

I love planes!

I thought it was good timing that I chose this book, because I had some very in depth conversations about planes, jets and helicopters with the toddlers before storytime started. Needless to say, they loved this book. “What’s a roar?” “I love planes” was what I heard from the kids as I read the book. Its a really cute book, a little too young for the crowd that I had, but I think it still went over well.

Two Little Blackbirds
Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum
If You’re Happy & You Know it

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