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Theme Thursday – Horseplay

on July 26, 2012

These fiction books about horses/horseback riding have been selected for readers between the 4th and 9th grade

book jacket Black Beauty
by Anne Sewell

A horse in nineteenth-century England recounts his experiences with both good and bad masters.

book jacketThe Black Stallion
by Walter Farley

Young Alec Ramsay is shipwrecked on a desert island with a horse destined to play an important part in his life. Following their rescue their adventure continues in America.

book jacketEllie Ever
by Nancy Ruth Patterson

After losing her father and all their possessions in a hurricane, nine-year-old Ellie and her mother move to a small apartment on a horse farm in Virginia, where her new classmates think that she lives in a mansion and is a princess.

book jacketGabriel’s Horses
by Alison Hart

In Kentucky, during the Civil War, the twelve-year-old slave Gabriel, contends with a cruel new horse trainer and skirmishes with Confederate soldiers as he pursues his dream of becoming a jockey.

book jacketThe Island Horse
by Susan Hughes

Ellie believes that she will live in her little village on the coast of Nova Scotia for always. But when her father gets a job on Sable Island, she must say farewell to her beloved home and her mother’s final resting place. Not even the idea of seeing the wild horses that roam the island can ease her pain of leaving. And after arriving on the sandy, windswept crescent of land, Ellie feels adrift and alone … until one afternoon when she wakens on a dune to find herself looking into the curious eyes of a wild stallion. Little by little, as the days pass, Ellie gets closer to the beautiful chocolate-colored horse. Yet she soon discovers something that could take him away from his home, his herd, and her. Ellie has lost too much already. Will she lose her island horse, too?

book jacketNo Small Thing
by Natale Ghent

In Ontario, Canada, in 1977, twelve-year-old Nat and his sisters find that owning, training, and caring for a pony they acquired for free makes it easier to cope with the poverty they have faced since their father abandoned them. When twelve-year-old Nathaniel and his two sisters discover an ad in the paper for a free pony, they can hardly believe their luck. nd so begins a year of self-discovery, as Nat struggles to deal with his father’s absence; look out for his younger sister, who is “different”; and recover from having his heart broken by a rich, pretty girl from school.

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