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Theme Thursday – Rock Star

on August 23, 2012

This week’s theme is composed of rock stars, musicians and the teens and tweens that want to be them. The age selection is from 13-18

Mixed messages Mixed Messages by Tina Wells
Mackenzie and her friends create a new online social networking site which creates some unforeseen problems, as she is also trying to figure out if she has a crush on one of her best friends, how to deal with the jealousy of one of her band mates and her fears over her mother’s pregnancy.
Second fiddle Second Fiddle by Roseanne Parry
Six months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, three eighth-grade girls living on an American military base with their families in Berlin try to save a Russian soldier, who has been beaten and left for dead, by smuggling him to Paris, where they are going to perform in a music competition.
Rock on : a story of guitars, gigs, girls, and a brother (not necessarily in that order) Rock On by Denise Vega
High school sophomore Ori Taylor, lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter in a nameless rock band, has always been known as the easily overlooked younger brother of Del, a high school sports star, but when Del suddenly returns home from college just as Ori is starting to gain some confidence in himself, Del expects everything to return to the way it used to be.
Ten miles past normal  Ten Miles Past Normal by Frances O’Roark Dowell
Because living with “modern-hippy” parents on a goat farm means fourteen-year-old Janie Gorman cannot have a normal high school life, she tries joining Jam Band, making friends with Monster, and spending time with elderly former civil rights workers.
Amplified Amplified by Tara Kelly
When privileged seventeen-year-old Jasmine Kiss gets kicked out of her house by her father, she takes what is left of her meager savings and flees to Santa Cruz, California, to pursue her dream of becoming a rock musician.
book jacket The Vinyl Princess by Yvonne Prinz
Allie, a sixteen-year-old who is obsessed with LPs, works at the used record store on Telegraph Ave. and deals with crushes–her own and her mother’s–her increasingly popular blog and zine, and generally grows up over the course of one summer in her hometown of Berkeley, California.
Chopsticks Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony; Rodrigo Corral
In a love story told in photographs and drawings, Glory, a brilliant piano prodigy, is drawn to Frank, an artistic new boy, and the farther she falls, the deeper she spirals into madness until the only song she is able to play is “Chopsticks.”


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