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Anton Can Do Magic by Ole Konnecke

on September 28, 2012

Anton can do magic by Ole Könnecke

Anton Can Do Magic by Ole Konnecke
Age: Toddler – Preschool
Genre: Fiction / Magic
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This is a very sweet story about a young boy attempting to do magic tricks to impress his friends. Through a series of coincidences and just by being in the right place at the right time, Anton ends up performing a series of disappearing and re-appearing magic tricks, fooling himself and his friends along the way.

This book is ideal for library storytimes for the toddler to preschool age. The storyline is simple, each page has just a couple of sentences, and the visuals are in warm tones of dark yellows and browns. Anton is a very cute kid, with a friendly smile and demeanor. Its a very silly because, because the kids know that Anton isn’t really performing magic, but they can understand how Anton believes that he is performing magic.

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