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Goat and Donkey in Strawberry Sunglasses by Simon Puttock

on October 24, 2012

Goat and Donkey in strawberry sunglasses

Goat and Donkey in Strawberry Sunglasses by Simon Puttock & Russell Julian
Age: Preschool
Format: Picture Book
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Donkey realizes that their cupboard is bare, and that he and goat have no food for supper. Goat, easily confused and often forgetful, offers to go shopping at the market. Donkey writes up a list and sends goat on his way, although what goat comes back with wasn’t exactly on the list.

I read this book for my preschool storytime visit, and the kids really seemed to enjoy it. I had fun using the recall method, quizzing them throughout the book “what that item on Donkey’s list?” The kids are really sharp, and answered correctly. The story itself is very cute. Goat goes shopping, but can’t read Donkey’s handwriting, so he purchases items that look interesting and decides that they are indeed what Donkey wanted. My favorite part is the ending. Donkey realizes that Goat bought all the wrong things. Instead of getting mad, he gladly appreciates the gifts Goat bought and the two go shopping together.

The illustrations are very, very colorful. They are full-page illustrations full of bright colors. The illustrations are full of details that kids can pore over, and the illustrations also match the writing on the page, so that the child can still comprehend the story, even if they can’t read all the words.

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