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Good News Bad News by Jeff Mack

on October 25, 2012
Good news, bad news
Good News Bad News by Jeff Mack
Age: All Ages
Format: Picture Book
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Rabbit and rat share an eventful day full of ups and downs as they try to have a nice picnic in the field. Too bad something keeps getting in the way.

This is one of those books where the illustrations are the defining element. The only words in the book are “good news” and “bad news”, each accompanied by an illustration that shows a good and bad scenario. Good news: a picnic! Bad news: Rain. Good News: an umbrella. Bad news: Wind that picks up the rat and throws him into a tree. Good news: A dry spot under the apple tree, etc. The book goes on, building on top of the previous illustrations.

The rabbit is often the carrier of good news, the optimistic one, and the rat is the one with the bad news, the pessimist. The illustrations are in warm tones of grays, greens and browns. The expressions on the animals faces match the mood of the page. This is a book that all ages can enjoy. Everyone will enjoy seeing the progression of the day, and most kids have had days were things are up and then down the very next second. It’s a good book for discussing the events without having to focus on the script.

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