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Baby Talk

on April 12, 2013

This is a great NY Times article about the value and importance of talking to your babies. It does make sense, and I’ve come across this data in a number of books on how to raise a reader. The more you talk to your baby and the more exposure they have to words, the more likely they are to read. The more likely they are to read, then the more likely they are to succeed as they get older. I’m interested to follow the progress of the study being down in Rhode Island regarding study on the effects of talking to your kids from day 1.

On another note, did you know that today was Drop Everything & Read Day? Did you drop everything and read today? I didn’t know about D.E.A.R today, but we sort of celebrated. We took the little bookworm in training to baby storytime today. He actually stayed awake for his first baby storytime at the library for the whole program. Although he’s only 8 weeks old, he was awake and alert throughout the entire program. He enjoyed the songs, especially the cuddle time with his dad who went along with all the songs and motions. Although I have to say that my little guy was one of two boys in a group of 10+ babies, and my husband was the only adult male in attendance. Although I saw a few dads in the audience when I was performing baby storytime in Menlo Park, I wish I had seen more. The storytime was a lot of fun though. We learned some new songs, met some new parents, and our little guy flirted with all the girl babies there. It was a win-win for us all. =) It also helps us keep in line with the above NY Times article. I try to talk to my guy all the time when he’s awake, but sometimes I run out of things to say. More often, I’m so used to texting or typing my thoughts to my friends, that I just forget to vocalize. There have been days where all my social interactions are non-vocal. I try to read to my bookworm, or sing nursery songs as much as possible to make up for my lack of creative verbal content when we’re together.  I’ve been going to the library almost 3x a week to stock up on bedtime books. We read 3 a night. Although my new plan is pick 1 book, and read it every single night for a while to see if he’ll start to recognize it, or pay special attention to it out of familiarity.

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