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How Kind – Mary Murphy

on April 26, 2013

How kind!

How Kind by Mary Murphy
Format: Board Book
Publisher: Candlewick
Source: Library
ISBN: 9780763623074
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Hen kindly gives Pig an egg. Pig is so pleased with Hen’s kindness that he decides to follow her lead and do something nice for someone else, setting off a chain reaction of selfless and thoughtful deeds around the farm.

The simple refrain of “How kind” and “I would like to do something kind too” throughout the book is only one of the reasons why this is a perfect book for young children. Not only is the emphasis on charity and friendship, but also the illustrations are in the forefront, keeping the baby’s attention. My little bookworm actually followed the pages of this entire book, one of the first time’s he’s ever done that. The refrain makes it easy as a parent to read, and yet still keep eye contact with my little guy. The bright colors and the happy looking animals are another bonus to the keep that keep the child’s attention. The pages are not over-illustrated as most picture books tend to be. Each pair of pages has a single color backdrop, 1 or 2 animals and the text in a large and playful font.

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