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Dig Into Summer Reading

on May 15, 2013

Dig into Reading! - Summer Reading for Pre-ReadersI haven’t been posting as many reviews as I had intended.There seems to be so much going on this week in regards to children’s literature. The Children & Teen Choice Book Award Winners were announced last night, and this week is also Children’s Book Week.

I’ve been remiss about chronicling the books we’ve been reading to our little bookworm in training during the first 3 months of his life. Its been an interesting process though. Initially, I felt like the books I read to him, or the illustrations I held up to his face were as bland and boring as could be. Recently, he’s been eyeballing the books we read to him. Moreso, he stares intently at our faces as we read to him. I know that he’s been taking in all we say and show to him from day one, but its incredible seeing his facial expressions show concern and interest in the book. We’ve also been attending baby storytime at a nearby library more often. He’s very alert and loves to look around at all the people and babies in the room. He doesn’t really pay attention to the books, and he just acts confused when we do any of the songs and fingerplays. But I know he’s enjoying every moment of the storytime. He should be well used to storytime and most of the songs and fingerplays by now. He endured them for a full 9 months while he was in my womb during the pregnancy when I conducted 3 storytimes for my library.

This year in particular I am more than excited for the library’s Summer Reading Celebration. I’ll be signing up my little man for his first ever program at the San Jose Public Library System. We already read to him about 2 books each night, but I’m really excited to attend the various library programs and events as a family. All the really good stuff is usually reserved for the summer anyways. Too bad the entire process is held online. It would be nice to have some sort of tangible memento as a keepsake for his first Summer Reading Program. At least he’ll have some arts and crafts under his belt by the time we are through with August. We haven’t finalized our goal, but we’re thinking 75 books ought to be a good start.

Will you be signing up for the Summer Reading Program in your neck of the woods?

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