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Blue Chameleon by Emily Gravett

on October 11, 2013

Blue chameleon

Blue Chameleon by Emily Gravett

Format: Picture Book

Age: 0 & up

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Chameleon is feeling blue, and lonely. So he sets out to find a new friend, changing himself into various shades and hues to match his company.

Emily Gravett’s books are wonderfully illustrated, with subtle hues and textures. It’s ideal for babies and baby storytime due to the bright colors, simple story and limited text per page. Parents will appreciate the dry humor and children can likewise learn about emotions based on Chameleon’s reactions to the rejections and indifferent looks from the different creatures he tries to bond with.

PS – Similar Titles

A Color Of His Own by Leo Lionni follows a similar story line of a chameleon who wants to stay one solid color, but finds that no matter what, he keeps changing. One day, he meets  a new friend, a fellow chameleon, and soon he realizes that he doesn’t need to stay one color. He can explore the world and share his experiences with his new friend.

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