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Picture Book Wednesday: Monsieur Saguette and his Baguette

on November 6, 2013

Monsieur Saguette and his baguette

Monsieur Saguette and His Baguette

Author: Frank Asch

Format: Picture Books

Age: 3-5

Source: Library

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Monsieur Saguette has just finished making a hot bowl of carrot soup for lunch, when he realizes that he has no bread in the house. After purchasing one from the local bakery, he soon finds himself & his baguette helping the neighborhood in surprising ways.


This is a wonderful book about kindness, helping and bread. With his baguette, Monsieur Saguette helps a kitty come down from a tree, prevents an alligator from eating a baby, and helps a stalled parade, among other incidents. The light pastel tones of the illustrations are pleasing to the eye, along with the intimate views of his Paris neighborhood. The text is much too wordy for a storytime, but it will make for a great one-on-one read, lending itself readily to discussions about helping those in need in creative ways.


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