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How Many Mice by Michael Garland

on June 19, 2014
How many mice?

How Many Mice by Michael Garland
Picture Books
Age Group: PreK to 1st
Topics: Mice, Numbers (Addition and Subtraction), Food (fruits and vegetables)
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How Many Mice is a fun little story that follows 10 mice as they collect food for a meal to make at home. Along the way, their food is taken away by crows, mice are swept up by rivers, and many more encounters as their food numbers go up and down on each page. The story is short, with 13 to 20 words per page. I like the wording is limited, as it lets the kids figure out the math equations. The reader is also quizzed on each page, questions such as “How many pieces of food do the mice have?” and “Can you count the mice who have no food?”

The illustrations are colorful and fun, depicting the events on the page. This is a great introductory book on basic arithmetic, making math a little bit more fun for the reluctant learners.

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