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Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair by Lee Fox

on June 26, 2014

Ella Kazoo will not brush her hair

Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair by Lee Fox
Picture Books
Age: K to 2nd
Topics: Haircuts, hair
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Told in rhyme, this fun picture book is the story of a young girl who refuses to manage her hair, until it eventually grows wilder and wilder and out of control. Little kids can sometimes hate having their hair cut, so this book is a great way to show them haircuts are not the root of all evil in their world. The book is almost like a song, with different verses rhyming with different words for hair (mane, tresses, locks, etc.) The illustrations different from a completely colored page to a bare bones image of just Ella and her mother. The book is eye-catching and the words are memorable, fun to read and the character is definitely one kids can relate to, boy or girl.

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