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Recess Mess by Grace Maccarone

on July 18, 2014

Recess mess

Recess Mess by Grace Maccarone

Easy Reader

Age: 5+

Topics: Recess, reading, school

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Its recess time at school, and the kids are outside playing and having fun until Sam has to use the bathroom. But, he doesn’t know how to read the signs on the door and isn’t sure which one he is supposed to enter.

There is so much I love about this book. First, there is so much diversity. The kids are an even mix of genders and cultures, even including one child in a wheelchair. What I like is that nothing is depicted as special or unique. This class is just a bunch of kids having fun at recess. I like Sam’s trick for figuring out which bathroom is his. I especially like how he used this opportunity to learn new words, as well as to teach himself how to spell. Kids will enjoy this book for its easy rhymes, and its easy-to-relate-to storyline. The simple sentences and rhymes will help new readers figure out the words on the page.

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