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Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

on July 30, 2014
Little Blue Truck

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

Ages: 3+

Picture Book

Topics: Trucks, Farm Animals, Noises and Sounds

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Alice Schertle’s Little Blue Truck is a wonderful book, full of color and sound. The sing-song versus are a delight to read, and each page is filled with so many different noises, that it really makes the book come alive.

Little Blue Truck
came down a road.
“Beep!” said Blue
to a big green toad.
Toad said, “Croak!”
and winked an eye
when Little Blue Truck
went rolling by.
Sheep said “Baaa!”
Cow said “Moo!”
“Oink” said a piggy
“Beep!” said Blue.

What I really is that al the words in the quotation marks are different colors. Blue for Little Blue Truck, pink for the piggy, green for the green toad, etc. The noises range from the basic farm animals to different types of trucks (well, a dump truck and the regular truck). There is even a storyline in here, about the dump truck’s wheels getting stuck in the mud. In that story is a nice little message about being a helper, and paying attention to your surroundings. I think the book is a bit much for a baby/toddler storytime, but its ideal for a one-on-one read with a preschooler, or a preschool storytime.  The pages are very detailed with colors and images, from the leaves on a tree to the toad on the toad on the truck. There is so much in this book for the reader to dissect. I think parents who hear the “talk to your baby all day long” will appreciate this book. Those who feel shy or more likely, unsure of what to say to their child can use this book as a guide. The fun sounds and exciting storyline are two things that kids just devour in books. Parents who can really play the actor and ham it up will find this book having repeat requests at home.


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