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A Book of Babies by Il Sung Na

on August 4, 2014

A Book of Babies by Il Sung Na

Picture Book

Ages: 0-3

Topics: baby animals

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This wonderfully illustrated book talks about all the different types of families, using baby animals as a guide. There are babies with many siblings, some with none. There are babies who live in their mommy’s pouches and others who live in their daddy’s pouches. It’s a great book to start the conversation on diversity, different family models as well as the basic facts of certain animals (like how baby ducklings are noisy). This book was well received at my storytime. Both parents and the toddlers enjoyed the book. There were a lot of “oooh, a zebra!” and I think many kids could relate to each type of family mentioned in the book. The animals in the books are lively, with hilarious facial expressions. One each page, you can find the mother duck, either hidden or in plain sight, observing the other animals. Next time, I might read this in conjunction with Todd Parr’s The Family Book or one of Laura Numeroff’s What Brothers/Sisters, Mothers/Fathers, Aunts/Uncles Do Best books.

About the Author

Korean author, illustrator Il Sung Na is the creator of a number of picture books. Each one is beautifully illustrated. A Book of Sleep is perhaps his best known book, although I loved Hide and Seek. His titles have been nominated for, and received, many awards, including Best Children’s Book 2012 for Hide and Seek.

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